Sustainability 5


As I’ve said before in my past blogs, tables are usually designed and placed that matches the design that the table will be placed at. This piece is designed for a Mexican home. The design is for recycling wooden parts.


Product Design in the Sustainable era

By: Dalcacio Reis ; ed., Julius Wiedemann

Pg. 154-155


Sustainability 4


The bookstack modular bookshelf was interesting since it presented a unconventional and sustainable approach to a bookshelf.


1000 new eco designs and where to find them

By: Rebcecca Proctor

Pg. 100


Sustainability 3


The Annie chair was also something that caught my attention since this designer focuses on using damaged or denied trolleys that are abandoned or that doesn’t function properly. What interested me was the use of color since it is promoting recycling.


1000 new eco designs and where to find them

By: Rebcecca Proctor

Pg. 48


Sustainability 2

Streep bench

Another piece that uses recycled goods, honeycombed corrugated cardboard. I thought this piece was nicely put together since it is using the characteristics of the corrugated cardboard. It has that stacked texture like a wall of books and the way they put together the bench are stacked the same way as how the cardboard is formed.


1000 new eco designs and where to find them

By: Rebcecca Proctor

Pg. 38


Sustainablitity 1


Flute table was something that caught my attention since it’s a table that is just made out of cardboard. On the side and flat surface it has a leaf drawing on it to show that cardboard can produce forms. This piece was focused on using recyclable sources and use that to form a table.



1000 new eco designs and where to find them

By: Rebcecca Proctor

Pg. 36



This is just a photo of when I went to Lake Tahoe to ski/snowboard with my church. When you gather around a coffee table you are close to the people you are around with. Since if you are far apart from each other it will be awkward. It wouldn’t be so intimate. So this picture is like a reference of when you gather to take a photo you come close together since being far apart would be awkward.

Table/Book self

This was something that I thought was interesting. It has two products that are integrated into one. A coffee table and a book self. The book self is using it’s function to organize books and stack them. It has the coffee table form but there is a triangular form that is cut out to become the book shelve.

Weird but interesting

A chair that is shaped of a clothe rack but many. The purpose of this chair was to gain acceptance for the free use of the body. It is primarily used for airport meeting points. It also shows a tree and organic aspect to it since you have to climb up to sit on in a comfortable position. This breaks the stereotype of a coffee table of having a sturdy surface. The sturdy surface in this piece is when you sit down. Sitting down on chairs can be uncomfortable for a long period of time but this chair is said to make you really comfortable.

Rethinking sitting by Peter Opsvik

Different sitting postures


Showing the different ways of how people sit on a chair can also determine what design the chair will be. Since my category is the coffee table, I was also thinking about how people sit themselves and this page I found made me open to what kind of design I can apply it to my coffee table.

Rethinking Sitting by Peter Opsvik




Something I came across from the library. This is a chair that is hung by strings to support the chair. Depending on the strength of the strings, the person weight can determine how low the chair can go.

Rethinking Sitting by Peter Opsvik