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Little history part 2



Table settings, entertaining, and etiquette; a history and guide.

Roberts, Patricia Easterbrook.
New York, Viking Press [1967]


Little short history


I came across this when I researching table settings.


Table settings, entertaining, and etiquette; a history and guide.

Roberts, Patricia Easterbrook.
New York, Viking Press [1967]

Table Settings




As I’ve talked about in my earlier post, table’s and etc were used back in the Renaissance era like it is shown on the top image. Table’s weren’t also placed because of the design of the space and etc, they were also set for management of food, presentation and comfort.

It is also said that the table setting is in relationship to the architecture of houses and the land the houses were in was a major factor.

This tells me that the coffee table just doesn’t need to match with the design on designs inside the house, but it affects the style of the country and architecture.

Table settings, entertaining, and etiquette; a history and guide

Roberts, Patricia Easterbrook.
New York, Viking Press [1967]

Today’s Coffee Table
























Abstract and organic feeling in this coffee table, that has a glass top instead of wood. I like how the concept of the coffee table is still the same but the new materials and the way they use it shows how our culture is significant.



Traditional Coffee Tables

This link shows tradition coffee tables that were made out of wood, had 4 legs to support one horizontal rectangular shape to hold the beverages. It also tells what kind of wood it was made out of. It also shows how the culture and social class was back then, royalty was the main strive that also impacted the coffee table.

1944 Coffee Table










100 designs, 100 years: innovative designs of the 20th century

By Mey Byars with Arlette Barré-Despond


This books how the coffee table changed so much after the Victorian Era and Industrial Revolution.

Origins of the Coffee Table/History

This website talks about the history of the table coffee which I thought was really interesting from how it started and how it changed through the century. It also talks about how the Arts and Crafts movement lead to the coffee table. Since it was made in the Victorian era, almost every products in that time were hand-made. Also the movement was part of the Britain culture, it was where have said the coffee table was first made. The culture in Britain was that there was two classes, you were either a high class(royalty) or low class. Mostly the coffee table’s were in the possession of the high class.


I am not sure if this is right, but I came across that revivalism became a part of the coffee table design.

What is a coffee table?

coffee table


a low table, usually placed in front of a sofa, for holding ashtrays, snack bowls, glasses, magazines, etc.

My definition:

A small table where you can put any beverages, snacks, food, books and etc.

A coffee table could be a product that shows of kind of class you belong to