From what I have researched so far about sustainability on my category, it started when people started producing organic coffee but I am not sure if this information is accurate. It is something that I came across. Materials that were used to make a coffee table were logs, plexiglass, natural bamboo, and etc. The image below is one example of a Eco-friendly coffee table since it is using a log that was discarded and applying recycled wood for the legs. Another sustainable object that exists is the on below the log coffee table, it has a growing grass on top of the table.



Images from google


One thought on “Facts

  1. James, it sounds like you may not have enough information about the second table to call it sustainable. What are the other materials used? How are they sustainable? What ecological benefit is there from growing the grass? How is it intended to be used? Please also include designer info so that people can look into these themselves. 🙂

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