This is just a photo of when I went to Lake Tahoe to ski/snowboard with my church. When you gather around a coffee table you are close to the people you are around with. Since if you are far apart from each other it will be awkward. It wouldn’t be so intimate. So this picture is like a reference of when you gather to take a photo you come close together since being far apart would be awkward.


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  1. enmarie5 says:

    To me, your 3/5/12 post has a lot of great potential. To tell the truth, it was hard for me to understand what your explanation for that post was, but when I looked at your photos, I couldn’t help but like the design. The bottom photo of that post has great potential because of the multiple and convenient sitting options.
    Also, when it comes to the way culture currently interacts with the category you chose, I believe that the photo you took at Lake Tahoe, as well as your Feb 10 post, play a great role in your project. They are related strictly to what you’re doing.
    As far as all your other thoughts go, I personally thought that the photo from your March 9 post was really interesting. The shape of the table on that photo was original. Also, the “Weird but Cool” post showed that you are open-minded and not afraid to explore different designs.
    Based on what I saw on your blog and the overall design of it, you could try researching some material in the minimalist category. The Feb 25 post shows that you’re headed in that direction. Also, I know that this is a female type of material, but try looking at Calvin Klein designs. He is a minimalist fashion designer, but he also has his own brand of perfume. You can try looking at some of his perfume bottle designs.
    Without a doubt, you provide great thoughts on your research. Your English, however, is sometimes hard to understand. I’m sure you are aware of that fact, but just in case, let me recommend that you go to the tutors in the Student Resource Center (alternate name?).
    Overall, I think that your blog has an excellent mix of information that is both strictly and “not-strictly” related to your project. I’m sure that a lot of the things I said in my feedback will be hard for you to understand, and, if so, ask Kristen for help. I’m sure she will be able to explain everything to you.

  2. michael secb says:

    You sketched a good range of idea shapes and concepts that go beyond traditional. I liked the plastic bag under the plexi test which has great contrast of the 2 materials. Both are plastic but with greatly differing properties. Your deconstructions and research/ product case studies seem to have helpped you find interesting possibilities leading to your models which question the convention of having one upper surface.

    Your blog is clean and organized and shows the reader what you have discovered along the way and how you are going about looking for new ways to have a coffee break.

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