Volva Table(Space Table) by Nuvist Architecture & Design



Designer Nuvist Architecture & Design

Sculptural, soft curves, movements and continuous forms that has a modern office vibe.

This piece was interesting to me since it is only using one form and continuing that form to have movement in it’s design. Which breaks the cultural norm that it needs 4 legs. It has negative space on the bottom of the surface plane for a normal table it needs to have legs for support but this piece doesn’t have legs. Having the negative space, it’s making the room more wide and spread out. Even though coffee tables are placed knowing your space, but this Volva table is creating the space in some aspects.

What I also noticed in this image was that the design of the table doesn’t match with the surroundings, even though one of the cultural norm is to match the coffee table design with the placement.



One thought on “Volva Table(Space Table) by Nuvist Architecture & Design

  1. Nice observation that it doesn’t have the normal 4 legs. This overhang with one grounded support is called a cantilever and its roots can be found in modernism. You should look into it if you find it interesting.

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