Riot Table by Max & Max

Designer Max & Max

It is a table that has a removable top that is a shield and features a welded steel pipe frame.

This design just made me realize that table can be made for other purposes. Even though a table’s purpose to put light items or objects on top, but the top is a detachable shield. One of a cultural norm for a table is to be sturdy, the shield is also supposed to be sturdy also which I thought was very funny about this design.


3 thoughts on “Riot Table by Max & Max

  1. This is an interesting piece, and I’m glad to see that you are adding your own thoughts. This table is also hugely political in its meaning, not necessarily humorous, though the website you found it on frames it rather casually. If you find it funny in an odd way, you might state that and add that though you realize this is a political work, it also allows you to think about the fact that furniture can be multi functional. Try linking directly to the designer’s website rather than where you found it whenever possible.

  2. The title is “Riot Table” and it’s made with what looks like a used riot shield. Think about the semiotics of a riot shield, what do you think about when you hear the word riot? Why do people riot? Who controls people rioting? What about riots in other countries? What would it mean that you would have a dining table that would also handily turn into a riot shield whenever you have need?

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